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Jan 24

The Arrogance of Experience

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

All things being equal, when faced with a “very important” task, most companies will choose a person with successful experience to take it on. Whatever that task looks like – a big project, an important new customer, a critical product launch – most leaders will choose experience to get the job done. No question about it, experience counts. Until it gets arrogant. The arrogance of experience can be quite costly.

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Jan 17

Today’s Short-Cut Culture and the Impact on Selling

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

So, how many times do you hear salespeople say “selling is about relationships?” It’s absolutely true! Unless the sale is strictly transactional and highly commoditized, relationships are essential to success. Unfortunately, however, there are no short-cuts or “hacks” for building relationships, but that hasn’t stopped salespeople from trying to end-run the relationship side of selling.

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