About Kelly Riggs

About Kelly Riggs

The community is still buzzing about yesterday's event and discussion. Hands down awesome presentation! Thanks for everything!

Janna Roberts 
Naval Air Systems Command

My talent is teaching, connecting, and providing a strategic perspective.  And my track record is clear:  I get RESULTS.

I’m a two-time national Salesperson of the Year.  A corporate executive.  
A serial entrepreneur.  An executive coach.

And I've worked with companies all over the country, both large and small.

  • Highly acclaimed platform speaker
  • Dynamic thought leader in the fields of sales and leadership
  • Business performance coach
  • National award-winning sales representative and sales manager
  • Author of two dynamic books

Is it time to change your results?

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Why Kelly?

1.  I know how, AND I know how to TEACH.

Very few superstar players actually make great coaches. They lack the patience and the insight to effectively communicate mission-critical skills to employees. But, unlike may others in this field who have succeeded personally, I have made the transition to coach and mentor.

I have well-documented success both as a salesperson AND a sales manager; as a capable employee and as a business leader. I am widely known as a successful teacher and coach, both in business and sports.

2. I have a successful track record as a business owner.

Unlike many speaker and consultants, I have owned and operated businesses and been responsible for a payroll. Sales trainers, for example, often teach salespeople how to be more effective in presenting a solution, but do they teach those salespeople how to achieve higher margins, or how to create plans and forecasts?

When you hire someone to train your leaders or salespeople, you should expect them to understand and communicate individual performance with the company's needs in mind.

3. I see business from a strategic perspective .

Too many companies struggle to solve strategic organizational challenges. The reason is that they see only tactical solutions where systemic, organization-wide problems exits. One of my primary strengths (StrengthsFinder confirmed) is the ability to see the strategic, "big-picture" perspective of the company. 

Instead of hiring someone to teach tactical, short-term ideas for performance improvement, insist on a coach that looks at the systemic and strategic aspects of the challenges you face.

4. I am a highly regarded keynote speaker.

No boring speeches. No mind-numbing academics. There is a reason that well over half of my clients are long-term engagements. I connect with the people that I coach and train. I engage the audience in my presentations. Passion, expertise, and a competitive spirit are compelling, and my experience is that, when audiences get great stories and practical ideas they can use right away, training is always more successful.

About Business LockerRoom

The Business LockerRoom originated in 2006 as Vmax Performance Group. In 2014, the company completely rebranded as "Business LockerRoom" concurrent with the beginning of the Business LockerRoom radio show (#BizLockerRadio).

Conceived by Kelly Riggs, the idea behind the Business LockerRoom is that sports teams and business teams are remarkably similar. Many of the principles used to create successful work teams are readily demonstrated on the playing field, the court, the diamond, and the pitch. More importantly, business consistently draws from the principles of leadership and team building successfully practiced by great sports and business coaches.