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Executive Performance Coaching

Executive Coaching

Every Situation is Different.

As I work with individuals and organizations throughout the United States – providing executive coaching with CEOs, Presidents, and company owners – I encounter different situations with dramatically different needs.

Are you new to the role of CEO or executive manager?

Are you experiencing challenges in engaging your team?

​Are you struggling with managing the performance of your key managers?

Are you having trouble getting your people to row in the same direction?​

1-on-1 Coaching™ may be exactly what you're looking for.​

Custom Coaching Sessions

TIME: Twice Monthly
audience: CEO, Presidents, General Managers, Company Owners, Executive Managers

To create long-lasting changes in performance behavior – to dramatically increase employee engagement or sales performance – choose one of Kelly’s popular and wildly successful coaching programs.

Although coaching follows a general outline/agenda, each engagement is customized to the specific needs of the individual or corporation.

Sessions create long-lasting changes in performance behavior and dramatically increase employee engagement and sales performance.

Kelly Riggs has been a trusted advisor and coach to our team for a number of years. He has been instrumental in helping us to develop a special culture here through the use of practical exercises, instruction, and both individual and group coaching. Our people trust and highly respect Kelly, and several of them have sought him out for individual coaching. I count Kelly as both a trusted advisor and a friend. I don't hesitate to recommend him to my CEO peers who are looking for leadership and management advice and help for their organizations.

Jay Stephens
CEO, SCFM, Inc.                 

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