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Speaking, Training & Coaching 

Kelly presenting at Naval Air Systems Command (2017)

You're here because you need RESULTS!

You need coaching. Your leadership team needs training. Your sales team is floundering. Or, maybe you're just looking for a dynamic keynote presentation.

Here are four great reasons to choose Kelly:​

  • Yes, he knows how. But more importantly, he knows how to teach.
  • He has owned businesses, made payrolls, and led teams.
  • He has a strategic perspective on leadership and sales.
  • His presentations always draw rave reviews!


Kelly is widely recognized as a powerful speaker and dynamic thought leader in the fields of sales, leadership, and business development. His keynote presentations are consistently ranked "best of the conference."


  • "The Leadership Dilemma: Unlocking the Potential of the 4-Generation Workplace"
  • "Coaching for Leaders: How to Transform Potential into Real Performance"
  • "Quit Whining and Start SELLING!"
  • "FOCUS: How Ordinary People Create Uncommon Performance"
  • "Why Your Strategic Plan is Doomed to FAIL!"

    "I can honestly say that after ten years in professional engineering societies, your presentation tonight far exceeded any others that I have attended. The feedback from those who attended was highly positive. Someone told me that we should have had a packed room for your presentation because it was that good, and I couldn’t agree more."

    Raymond Gatlin                 


    Training is only as good as the behavioral changes it creates. Kelly's training approach is rooted in proven methods that do exactly that - change habits. In a variety of industries and company sizes, Kelly has shown over and over again that he can successfully connect and communicate with participants. 


    • ​1-on-1 Management® Leadership Training
    • 1-on-1 Selling™ Sales Training
    • Strategic Planning and SMARTPlan™ Development

    We initially hired Kelly for leadership training within our management group. His work with us improved our employee engagement. His one-on-one management concepts are now engrained within our firm. He has also successfully helped us with our strategic planning.

    Tom Hendrick
    COO, Wallace Engineering


    Very few business coaches connect with leaders the way Kelly does. More importantly, he quickly discovers the core issues and works with executives and CEOs to develop the skills necessary to become far more effective in a leadership role.


    • CEO/Executive Leadership Coaching​
    • 1-on-1 Performance™ Coaching

    Kelly is an expert at finding the root cause of problems and developing a plan of attack to fix them. His honest, no-nonsense approach is tailored to our business. He coaches and communicates in a way that participants understand. I recommend Kelly for executive coaching for firms looking to improve communication and internal processes.

    Adam Kilbourne
    Director of Marketing, TEC, Inc.

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