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"Kelly Riggs was one of the most succinct, informed, and engaging speakers whom I have heard in a long time, from any business group -- or even church!"

C. Patterson

The Leadership Dilemma

Change, Complexity, & Distraction in the Chaotic 4-Generation Workplace

TIME Needed: Variable
Audience: Managers, Execs

Today’s workplace is radically different than it was even 20 years ago, and the impact of technology is not always for the better. Now, there are now four generations of employees in the workplace, mashed together in a cauldron of constant change, distractions, and complexity.

Combined with the more traditional challenges of leadership – things like talent acquisition, communication, performance management, strategic planning, and much more – how is a manager to adapt? In this keynote, Kelly presents the most pressing leadership issues and offers specific approaches to dealing with the challenges of the new, technology-infected workplace.

Kelly was a presenter at our Sales and Marketing Conference. The comments we received from his presentation were outstanding, and he received the highest ratings in our post-conference survey to attendees! Kelly is dynamic and high-energy and challenged the audience with insight into obstacles that hinder success. Kelly was a hit and I would highly recommend him to any organization!

Dolores Alonso
Senior Director                 

Quit Whining and Start SELLING!

Audience: Business Owners, CEOs, Sales Managers, Sales Executives, Business Development Professionals, and Salespeople

The reality is that most salespeople create average (or worse) results simply because they don't have the critical skills salespeople MUST possess in order to succeed. While the tendency is to blame other people or their "unique" circumstances, the real reason salespeople typically fall short is they don't execute well.

Success is not an accident. Based on the popular book, Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales, this presentation outlines four critical skills every successful salesperson must have before they can create Top 10% results.

Kelly Riggs knows how to captivate, educate and inspire an audience in the creation of a culture of excellence in sales. I have had the pleasure of attending his presentations at small company venues, professional organizations, and large national conferences. He is a dynamic, energetic, and engaging speaker and his messages are timely and relevant to the specific audience. As president of a marketing organization I sought Kelly out to speak at our national convention, and he has since been asked back by our organization several times, and is consistently ranked by attendees as one of the best speakers on marketing and sales in the country.

Dana Birkes
VP Business Development, Flintco                 

Coaching for Leaders:

How to Transform Potential into Performance

TIME Needed: Variable
Audience: Managers, Execs

Harold Geneen said, “Words are words…but only performance is reality.” The question is, how do you get the very best from your employees? How do you transform potential into performance?

Without question, coaching skills are critical, just as they are in any sport. Yet, the one crippling issue common to organizations of all sizes and complexities is the unwillingness or inability to address performance issues. Organizations don't know how to create accountability, and the evidence is typically found in failed or failing performance management systems. In this presentation, you will discover the keys to employee coaching and performance improvement, and learn how they relate to the all-important concept of employee engagement.

Your presentation today was terrific! I consider myself selective when I attend presentations and I am a big fan of “take-aways”, not just making the audience feel terrific at the conclusion of event. You provided ideas and “take-aways” with potential outcomes; so simple, but not necessarily common. Thank you for an excellent program. The feedback shared around my table was top-notch!

P. J. Forcino
Executive Director                 

FOCUS: How Ordinary People

Create Uncommon Performance

Audience: CEOs, Executives, Managers, and Employees at all levels

Pay close attention to what people say and you will see that, in business or sports, or the performing arts, or life in general, the common thread to success is FOCUS. Rarely do champions discuss their achievements or the barriers they have overcome without some reference to the idea of focus.

It is, in fact, a significant component of what allows ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things. Which begs the question: What is focus exactly? Can it be duplicated at will? Is there an actual process to creating focus?

In this presentation, Kelly presents "5 Principles of Focus" that world-class performers use consistently to create success in any endeavor; five principles that you can put to work immediately to improve your own performance.

I hope you enjoyed being with the CIRT group as much as they enjoyed interacting with you. By all accounts your remarks were extremely well received which was confirmed by the high ratings made on the evaluation forms. With 5 being the highest score, you received a 4.8 for presentation, and a 4.7 for content. Of all the speakers we had over the two days, you were rated the highest by the members!

Jane Bonvillain
Director of Programs    

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Winning Business in Any Economy:

3 Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make

Audience: CEOs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, Executive Sales Managers

In the current economy, leaders face hard choices: how to sustain or increase market share, how to create a competitive edge, how to adapt to a rapidly moving target - even how to survive.

These issues demand immediate attention, but, unfortunately, the solutions are often difficult to find because the problems are systemic; i.e., they are ingrained into the leadership practices of companies that have previously relied almost exclusively on technical competence for their success.

In this presentation, you will discover the four critical areas company leadership must address in order to create stability, unlock innovation, and provide the potential to successfully deal with the many challenges currently facing.

Thanks for presenting at our managers’ Spring Meeting. Everyone loved your presentation! It was informative and inspiring. Feedback has been stellar! It really helped kick off what we’re trying to accomplish this year!

L. Martilla
Manager of Training & Development               

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