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"Practical, Powerful
Leadership in Only 1 Hour!"

Is it really possible to learn something about leadership - especially something truly useful and practical - in only one hour? The answer is absolutely "YES!" In this eBook, you will learn 3 undeniable truths about leadership, 3 steps to getting started the right way in leadership, and 3 things leaders MUST do to improve team performance. All of this in just one hour!

"The Grinders: 
3 Reasons Why Certain Leaders Win Consistently"

My research reveals three specific leadership ingredients that form the backbone of consistent winning, as demonstrated by the six coaches of the 2014-15 champions in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NCAA football, and NCAA men's and women's basketball. 

Great coaches create great teams, just like great leaders create great workplaces! Learn their secrets.

"The One Piece of Advice
You Need to Create a Successful Career in Sales"

I am fortunate to be associated with a large group of professionals who teach, train, consult, or coach in the sales profession. After I was asked, "What is the ONE piece of advice you would give me as I start my career in sales?" I decided to ask those people for their input.

In this ebook, I share my answer to that question - my ONE piece of advice - and I share answers from 20 of the top sales trainers in the country.

Your Sales Revenue"

Small-to-medium sized companies tend to focus the vast majority of their attention on the products or services they produce, often failing to address the basic factors that can and will maximize their gross marginal revenues. For the purposes of this ebook, we are not considering the expense side of business, but on the gross marginal revenue created by sales (or salespeople).

"5 Elements 
of Extraordinary Business Performance"

Performance improvements rarely happen without change; a change in methodology, in structure, in behavior, or in execution.

And success doesn’t happen by accident. Success is the result of deliberate planning, the courage to examine your current practices, and the discipline to make revisions as necessary. Learn the 5 elements of great performance.

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Published Articles

"Tell Me What You Think (But Not Really)"

Those in charge often tend to perceive dissent or disagreement as disrespectful. Argumentative. Inappropriate (“Perhaps you should get more than two years of experience before you start criticizing my decisions”). More than a few times, I have seen leaders get irritated, even angry, when an employee challenges the boss’s ideas - even when they have been encouraged to do exactly that.

To successfully create an environment where the “brutal facts are confronted” requires much more than a simple edict by the boss (“Starting today, I want you guys to challenge my ideas!”). It requires a long-term investment in the manager-employee relationship. To feel comfortable enough to offer a conflicting idea, especially if the person you are contradicting is the boss, requires a strong, safe relationship.

"How Successful Marketers Transition from Ordinary to Extraordinary"

­The assumption here is that ordinary marketing (whatever that might be) creates ordinary results, while extraordinary marketing would produce exceptional results that far exceed our expectations. In fact, the difference between ordinary and extraordinary can be defined as the difference that exists between good and great, the subject matter of Jim Collins’ mega-seller Good to Great (Harper Business: 2001).

In evaluating the differences between good companies and great companies, Collins wryly observes that, “Good is the enemy of great.” In other words, being good (or ordinary) often prevents companies from becoming great simply because ordinary is good enough or because extraordinary is not worth the effort required.