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After 86 shows, Kelly has discontinued the show to move on to a brand new project!

Check out the new "CounterMentors Podcast"
with Kelly & Robby Riggs.

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About BizLocker Radio

​#BizLockerRadio is presented by the Business LockerRoom and hosted by Kelly Riggs, a dynamic thought leader in the fields of leadership, sales development, and strategic planning.

It is a weekly business show with compelling interviews and cutting-edge business content from experts in sales, leadership, marketing, social media, business strategy and MORE!  

And don't miss the "Xs & Os" segment with Miles Austin, the "Web Tools Guy." Each week, we break out the chalkboard and Miles presents a new digital tool or application that will increase your productivity, improve your performance, and put you a step ahead of your competition!

"You're an excellent radio host. I'm just very pleased with how you deliver the structure of this program. This is a good program! I'd be pleased to come back."    

--- Oren Klaff, author of Pitch Anything

What Listeners Say

"I love this podcast. His guests are great, and Kelly keeps things moving along. On almost every episode, I find some valuable content. I often download tools from the guest's website, or buy their books. BTW, I strong recommend "1-on-1 Management™" and "Quit Whining and Start SELLING!" Great books. They get to the point quickly.

-- Vegas Lapper, via iTunes

"Thanks, Kelly, for inviting me into the Business Locker Room show. You are a phenomenal host and you made it really enjoyable for me to be a guest. You’ve got some serious chops when it comes to broadcasting.”

-- Jeff Shore, author of Be Bold and Win the Sale

“I listened to a couple of your radio programs and they were great! You’re an excellent host and interviewer. It’s really one of the best programs I’ve listened to in some time – I enjoyed them very much!”

-- Laurie Wilhelm, author of Realizing Leadership Magazine

"[Kelly's] infusion of energy, experience, knowledge, and a splash of sports, plus his top notch guests makes his content engaging, valuable, and a can’t-miss, must-listen podcast each week. A tip of the cap to this podcast. It’s a grand slam for sure!"

 -- Matthew Porro

"From someone just cutting their teeth to the successful veteran, this podcast is for you! Amazing guests with modern ideas, tools, and strategies for being successful in business today. I have just started listening to this podcast within the past month and I am hooked. I look forward to the new episodes and can't wait to listen to the old ones I have missed. Check it out!

-- DGiuliacci, via iTunes

@1fasttrack: Listened to “Born to Win” from The Business LockerRoom @Stitcher @kellyriggs This was great! Can’t wait to hear more.

-- Tom Leonard, via Twitter

"The Business Locker Room is a one-stop-shop, hard-hitting and action-packed sales training and motivational resource for business, sales professionals, sales experts and those just starting out. Every episode has so much for everyone. I've been a professional in sales and marketing for 25 years and I learn new tricks and pick up new ideas in EVERY single episode of this phenomenal radio program and podcast. It's fun, enjoyable, and the episodes fly by."

-- Tracey Preston Cooke

"Just finished up an exciting radio segment with @KellyRiggs. Great interviewer, great program.”

-- Charles Green, author of The Trusted Advisor