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Oct 29

Discover the Combustible Content Hidden in Your Organization (by Josh Miles)

By Josh Miles | Guest Posts

In many organizations, the marketers aren’t necessarily the subject matter experts. You may have a lot of subject-matter experts at your company, but they’re probably not actively contributing to marketing. So how can you get your marketing team to work with your experts effectively? Sounds great, but it’s tough to help them effectively contribute to your marketing efforts.

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Oct 26

Concerning the (Alleged) Death of the B2B Salesperson

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

The basic premise of the idea that 1 million salespeople stand to lose their jobs because social is replacing them is this: If people know more, they can make decisions without help from some pesky, aggressive, obnoxious salesperson (Thank God!). But, while no one that I know of denies the power and usefulness of social media in the B2B landscape, to assert that social (and the Internet) will precipitate the loss of 1 million jobs in the next five years is nonsensical.

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