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Nov 24

The Reality of Leadership Fatigue

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

You’ve probably been there as a leader – that point in time when you just need a break. A little time off to recharge and regain that edge. But, there are some times when leadership fatigue actually becomes crippling to the organization. Successive mistakes or missteps result in a loss of credibility and confidence, and a leader simply cannot regain his/her status within the organization.

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Nov 18

“The Myths of Communication” (with Steven Gaffney)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

Communication is hard in the best of times. Add a little stress and some bad assumptions, and and communication can fall off a cliff in a hurry. In the process of trying to correct some of the communication challenges that leaders face, they often back into one or more of the communication myths that get passed around like old wives tales. In this interview, Steven will help us navigate around these communication killers.

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Nov 05

“Master the Pitch” (with Oren Klaff)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

Neuroeconomics? What? That’s right — neuroscience, psychology, and economics all play a critical role in your effectiveness in presenting your product or service. If you want to learn more about the psychology of selling, how people make decisions, and how you can use very specific techniques to change the way you are perceived as a salesperson, make sure you get a copy of “Pitch Anything.”

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