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May 31

Great Salespeople Are Born. AND Trained.

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

I think the idea of a “born salesperson” is exactly what keeps companies (or specific managers) from training their salespeople and improving performance. After all, if salespeople are “born” to be salespeople, and will be successful simply because they were born to that role, why would you need to train them? And that’s what people say: Salespeople are “born, not trained.” Which is the absolute worst excuse imaginable for failure: “S/he is just not a born salesperson.”

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May 03

You Probably Missed the Memo About Employee Engagement

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

As a manager, you surely have become aware of the importance of employee engagement in the workplace, and its impact on the critical metrics companies care about – profitability, turnover, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Hint: As it turns out, engaged employees do better work. Yes, I know. Absolutely shocking. But, it’s true; those employees that feel genuinely connected to the company, feel valued by the boss, and derive satisfaction from their work, significantly outperform their disengaged counterparts.

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