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Mar 29

There is No Change Without Credibility

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

A strange, but true, fact in selling is that customers will often tolerate less-than-ideal performance from an entrenched competitor simply because of the hassles associated with changing suppliers. Make no mistake, most people do not like change. In fact, until a prospect is convinced that the benefits of making a change outweighs the problems associated with it, a sale will almost never happen. The critical aspect of convincing a prospect to change hinges upon your ability to build credibility. Without credibility, trust will not follow, and a prospect will not even remotely consider a change until and unless they trust you.

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Mar 01

The Remedy for the Workplace Tyrant

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

While not every manager guilty of abusive behavior is a bad person, even well-meaning managers can be guilty of repeatedly harsh criticism, ostracism, and even public humiliation. The cost to the organization is more than significant. Since there is clear and compelling evidence that this management style costs companies enormous amounts of money, companies should be more than enthusiastic about making changes.

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