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Dec 28

Social Selling: The Sleight of Hand Continues

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

“Social selling” programs don’t actually teach someone how to SELL more effectively, they teach how to use social media TOOLS more effectively – software, webinars, video, etc. The programs revolve mostly around social selling funnels, email hacks, video tools and content, and other tips and tricks that you can execute in your pajamas in mere hours per week. The problem is social media isn’t actually selling; it’s more like marketing—the creation of awareness and interest in order to build credibility that leads to a relationship.

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Dec 21

4 Amateur Mistakes Great Salespeople Avoid

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

If you’re a salesperson who has been struggling this past year, the New Year provides the opportunity to start over. However, next year will actually just be more of the same if you continue to practice some of the bad habits you’ve acquired. These amateur mistakes are never committed by top-drawer salespeople because they’ve learned (usually first-hand) how damaging they are.

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