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Mar 27

“Discover Your CEO Brand” (with Suzanne Bates)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

As a nationally recognized expert in business communications and leadership, Suzanne has appeared in hundreds of publications including the New York Times, Forbes Magazine, Business Week, Investors’ Business Daily, the New York Post,Wall St. Journal, and Suzanne has also appeared as a guest expert on Fox Business Morning, New England Cable News, CBS Radio, and dozens of other television and radio programs.

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Mar 26

3 Steps to Recovery from Sales Insanity

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

What they need is a t-shirt that says, “I’M INSANE!” (You know…doing the same thing over and over…) And, if you’re that person’s sales manager, it might be that you’re insane, too. If you’re standing around letting the madness continue, you’re part of the problem. But that’s another post. If this sounds even vaguely like you (or one of your salespeople), let’s make a move towards solving this problem. Here are three concrete steps to help you gain control of your sales success.

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