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Feb 21

The Leadership Value of Clarity

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

One of the most powerful things you can do to start down the path towards effective leadership is to create clarity for your team. Why? Because people will never run their best race (or do their best work) if they don’t know where the finish line is. Teams will never perform at optimum level without mission clarity, role clarity, and measurable objectives. Here is how one very effective leader created that clarity for his new team members.

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Nov 29

Yes, Managers Are Hurting Employee Performance

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

What counts in business is performance – not promises of performance, not excuses for a lack of performance, and certainly not mediocre performance. It’s the results that matter; what people actually produce in the workplace. The problem is that sub-par employee performance is often created by MANAGERS. Yes, that is correct. Poor performance is often a result of what the manager does – or, more accurately, does not do.

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May 03

You Probably Missed the Memo About Employee Engagement

By Kelly Riggs | Sales + Leadership

As a manager, you surely have become aware of the importance of employee engagement in the workplace, and its impact on the critical metrics companies care about – profitability, turnover, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Hint: As it turns out, engaged employees do better work. Yes, I know. Absolutely shocking. But, it’s true; those employees that feel genuinely connected to the company, feel valued by the boss, and derive satisfaction from their work, significantly outperform their disengaged counterparts.

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