1-on-1 Management® by Kelly Riggs (Biz LockerRoom)

About 1-on-1 Management®

1-on-1 Management®: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t

Kelly Riggs

Developed from twenty years of management experience, 1-on-1 Management® is a step-by-step approach to effective management that creates real and lasting results. Learn how to create an environment that engages employees and establishes a lasting trust between managers and employees – the first step in the creation of a high-performance team.


“WOW! I have never been so excited about a book. You say all the things I have always believed but was not capable of putting into words. This is now required reading for my sales managers and I will encourage all managers to read it as well.”

M. Larkin, Regional Manager


Years of research have proven a direct link between employee engagement and the critical metrics managers care about – productivity, profitability, safety, customer satisfaction and more. Further, it is now clear that managers play the single most important role in determining the level of employee engagement.

Unfortunately, most managers have never learned the leadership skills that create employee engagement. In fact, the root causes for ineffective managers and disenfranchised employees are mostly systemic, with most of the blame resting squarely on the flawed process that routinely puts people into management positions without adequate preparation or training.


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1-on-1 Management® is a set of proven management skills that can be used to:

  • Significantly improve your communication skills with the 1-on-1 Meeting™

  • Dramatically impact employee engagement and change the workplace culture

  • Improve your ability to effectively manage performance

  • Learn the coaching skills that will help you transform employee potential into real performance


Great managers understand that one of their primary responsibilities is to develop the potential of people, and 1-on-1 Management® will provide the skills necessary to do just that. They also recognize that a key component of management is leadership and that leadership is dependent upon developing a relationship of trust. It is trust, plus native talent, that creates extraordinary employee performance.

The root causes for ineffective managers and disenfranchised employees are mostly systemic, with the blame resting squarely on the flawed process that routinely puts people into management slots without adequate preparation or training. Companies need managers to be sure, but to prosper in an increasingly unforgiving marketplace, companies need those managers to be strong leaders.


Click HERE to download the first three chapters of
“1-on-1 Management®: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t”


“Kelly has culled the vast domain of pop management and leadership works today, wrapped it around the reality experiences he has learned that actually work, and produced a great contribution to the field of organizational leadership today! I like the stories, the strategic perspectives, and tactical applications built into 1-on-1 Management™. This will be a great handbook for those that want to accelerate the people talent war to greater victories.”

Jeffrey Magee, Ph.D., PDM, CSP, CMC
Founder of Jeffrey Magee International, and Publisher of Performance Magazine

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