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BizLocker Radio No. 64

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

Jul 30

“Transforming Sales Results”

with Mike Kunkle

This week, I’m joined by Mike Kunkle, one of the really, REALLY smart guys in the world of selling. With a passion for training methodology and a history of success in the “real world,” Mike is uniquely qualified to talk about transforming sales results. Tune and and grab something to take notes with!!

Managing an effective sales team is a TALL order! Without effective hiring, training, and coaching processes in place, your team’s performance will suffer. Mike provides tremendous insight into the challenges that sales managers must overcome in order to create consistent sales performance.

Show No. 64:  Featuring Mike Kunkle
Live Broadcast:  Monday, August 3, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. CST
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Xs & Os with Miles Austin

Miles takes a break this week. Rumor has it that he is working on some spectacular new productivity tools….  Make sure you follow Miles — The Web Tools Guy — at www.fillthefunnel.com!

Mike Kunkle
About Mike Kunkle: Mike is a training and organization effectiveness leader with special expertise in sales force transformation. After his initial years on the frontline in sales and sales management, he’s spent the past 21 years as a corporate manager or consultant, leading departments and projects with one purpose – improve sales results. And through top-producer analysis, sales analytics, sales training, sales process implementation, organization effectiveness practices, leadership development, aligning sales performance ecosystem levers, implementing effective learning systems, and leading change efforts, he’s done just that.  At one company, as a result of six projects, he and his team delivered an accretive $398MM in revenue, year-over-year.

Website: www.mikekunkle.com

Twitter: @Mike_Kunkle



About the Author

Kelly Riggs is a business performance coach and founder of the Business LockerRoom. A former national Salesperson of the Year and serial entrepreneur, Kelly is a recognized thought leader in the areas of sales, management leadership, and strategic planning. He serves clients ranging from small, privately held companies to Fortune 500 firms. Kelly has written two books: “1-on-1 Management™: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t” and “Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales.”