"The Myth of Innovation" (with David Burkus) | Business LockerRoom

“The Myth of Innovation” (with David Burkus)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

Aug 24

Burkus.jpgThis week, David Burkus visits the Business LockerRoom to discuss leadership and innovation in the workplace. Dave has been on the show before and he is a great, great interview. Join us for some great insight into making your company more effective. He is the author of “The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies Generate Great Ideas.”

He is also the founder and host of LDRLB (pronounced “Leader Lab”), a podcast that shares insights on leadership, innovation, and strategy. His most recent article at Harvard Business Review blog is entitled, “The Irresistible Allure of Pre-crastination.”

Show No. 20:   Featuring David Burkus

Monday, August 25, 2014 at 3:00 p.m. CST (1:00 Pacific | 4:00 Eastern)

David Burkus is an assistant professor of management at the College of Business at Oral Roberts University, where he teaches courses on creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and organizational behavior. He is also a contributing writer for 99U, Creativity Post, and the Harvard Business Review blog.

Blog: www.davidburkus.com
Podcast: www.ldrlb.co
Twitter: @davidburkus


“Xs and Os” (with Miles Austin)

Miles Austin, the “Web Tools Guy,” will be along for our regular show segment to discuss Presentermedia, a phenomenal tool to add to your presentation arsenal.

Blog: www.fillthefunnel.com
Twitter: @milesaustin


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Kelly Riggs is a business performance coach and founder of the Business LockerRoom. A former national Salesperson of the Year and serial entrepreneur, Kelly is a recognized thought leader in the areas of sales, management leadership, and strategic planning. He serves clients ranging from small, privately held companies to Fortune 500 firms. Kelly has written two books: “1-on-1 Management™: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t” and “Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales.”