"Creating a Successful Culture" (with Marissa Levin) | Business LockerRoom

“Creating a Successful Culture” (with Marissa Levin)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

May 28
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“Creating a Successful Culture”

with Marissa Levin


Marissa Levin, one of the coaching experts in the Business LockerRoom, joins me to talk about transforming your company’s culture. Also Scott Butcher will be along to talk about his brand new book, “Reputation Design + Build.”


As Peter Drucker once noted, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” and every leader – at every level – plays a role in culture. Your company has a “culture,” the question is whether or not it’s helping your team or hurting it. Marissa Levin is the Founder & CEO of Successful Culture, a company that provides transformational CEO & executive coaching & strategic guidance under the TransformU™ Growth Program. Through her knowledge of organizational development, integrated communications, and other areas critical to organizational success, Marissa has become known throughout the national business community as a leader and visionary.


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Your corporate “culture” is defined by the behaviors and attitudes that are commonly accepted within the company. Learn how leaders directly impact culture, and see how you can transform your culture into something powerful and productive.


Marissa LevinAbout Marissa: 
Marissa is the author of the #1 best-selling book on advisory boards, “Built to SCALE™: How Top Companies Create Breakthrough Growth Through Exceptional Advisory Boards”.  She is the Washington, DC region’s small business expert on ABC’sWashington Business Report where she addresses the challenges that small business owners face. She is also SmartCEO Magazine’s syndicated columnist, penning a column entitled “Get on Board,” which advises business owners how to strategically build advisory boards to fuel organizational growth.

Website: www.successfulculture.com

Twitter: @marissalevin

Scott ButcherAbout Scott Butcher: Scott is the VP of JDB Engineering, Inc. and the current President of the SMPS Foundation Board (SMPS.org). He recently published “Reputation Design+Build: Creating Winning Personal Brands for Engineering, Design, and Construction Professionals.”  With over 25 years of experience in the A/E/C market space, Scott has written a book specifically for A/E/C marketing professionals. It includes 18 reputation-building tools and features 17 case studies about professionals who have used these tools to successfully build and maintain their personal brands.






Xs & Os with Miles Austin

This week Miles (www.fillthefunnel.com) will be along with yet another great online tool for your business! Don’t miss it!


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About the Author

Kelly Riggs is a business performance coach and founder of the Business LockerRoom. A former national Salesperson of the Year and serial entrepreneur, Kelly is a recognized thought leader in the areas of sales, management leadership, and strategic planning. He serves clients ranging from small, privately held companies to Fortune 500 firms. Kelly has written two books: “1-on-1 Management™: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t” and “Quit Whining and Start SELLING! A Step-by-Step Guide to a Hall of Fame Career in Sales.”