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Knowledge Account
Feb 11

What Is Your Knowledge Account Balance?

By John Spence | Guest Posts

It is absolutely fundamental to the long-term success of your organization that you have good financial controls and keep a sharp focus on your revenues, profits, and cash flow. And, of course, you need to work to keep a strong and healthy bank account balance, but I’m going to suggest there’s another kind of bank account that may be just as important or more important – your knowledge bank account.

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Jan 27

The Key Elements of Strategy

By John Spence | Guest Posts

As we head to 2016 many businesses are thinking about how to be more successful, generate more revenue and increase their profitability by implementing new strategies. To help you out, I’d like to share with you a few of the fundamental ideas I have learned through teaching strategy and strategic thinking for the last 20 years.

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Jan 20

Managing Five Generations at Work

By John Spence | Guest Posts

Thanks to amazing advances in healthcare people can expect to live longer than ever before. The average life expectancy for an adult in 1915 was about 50 years, today it is closer to 80 and the predicted life expectancy for a baby born in 2015 is more than 100 years old. That means that for the first time in history we will be working in organizations where the employees span five different generations.

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Dec 14

The Year-End Marketing Review

By Josh Miles | Guest Posts

If you’ve ever worked in a job without measurable goals, I’m sure you’re familiar with the frustrations of working towards vague and arbitrary metrics. To define success or failure, we need a clear vision of what we’re trying to achieve. Creating a compelling brand and marketing it, however, can be a squishy topic for most.

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Dec 11

Are You Telling Me the Truth?

By Steven Gaffney | Guest Posts

Nobody tells the truth all the time. In fact, there was a study done years ago that reported 93 percent of people lie regularly. I actually think the other 7 percent in the study lied because the reality is we all lie. When I use the word lie, I am not necessarily talking about telling a big whopper. Lying includes those lies we tell to save someone’s feelings; it also includes those moments when we just don’t say everything that needs to be said.

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