"The Art of Significance" (with Dan Clark) | Business LockerRoom

“The Art of Significance” (with Dan Clark)

By Kelly Riggs | Biz LockerRoom Radio Show

Dec 20

The Art of Significance

A very special guest, Dan Clark, joins me in the Business LockerRoom to talk about leadership, motivation, and personal performance. Dan will discuss how he teaches others to make the transition from potential to performance, but more importantly, how he leads them to make the transition from success to significance. An international consultant, one of the Top 10 speakers in the world, and a prolific author, Dan is President & CEO of the international communications and high-performance consulting firm, Clark Success Systems.

Dan is a primary contributing author to the popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series, where he has been published in more than 40 million books in 40 languages worldwide. Dan’s story “Puppies for Sale” was made into an award winning film at Paramount Studios starring Jack Lemmon. He is also a Gold Record winning songwriter and a journalist who has interviewed many of the most famous movie, sports and music celebrities on the planet.

Dan Clark


Described as “a master motivator with an extraordinary intellect,” Dan Clark is leading an international movement to teach leaders and organizations how to transform them selves from successful to significance. While others preach, “think outside the box,” Dan asks, “what if the answers are still in the box?” Dan teaches that individuals and organizations who achieve significance seek to become more of who they already are, have an obsession with what’s important, focus on purposes instead of just setting goals, and want what they get.


Website/Blog: www.danclarkspeak.com

Twitter: @danclarkspeak


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