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Feb 19

Getting the Unsaid Said

By Steven Gaffney | Guest Posts

Honesty takes strategy, skill, and practice. Imagine a person going to the gym once and then declaring, “Now I am healthy.” In reality, we must constantly work at change and create an environment where the people around us are inspired to change as well. Perfection is hard, but progress is easy and can deliver enormous benefits.

If everyone around you talked more openly and shared ideas with each other, your organization would become more innovative, teamwork and collaboration would dramatically improve, and revenue goals could be exceeded.

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Feb 17

10 Leadership Lessons for the Entrepreneur

By Marissa Levin | Guest Posts

When you put yourself out there as a leader, people are looking to you to see how you behave. Your employees, customers, peers, and non-believers are watching what you say and do. Some will judge you harshly, and you need to let it roll off of you. Others will delight in seeing you stumble. You must find the internal strength to not be encumbered by the judgment. Their judgment of you is not your concern. It’s their problem. At the same time, you must be cognizant of observations from those that matter, including employees, customers, and shareholders.

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